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How a Pause Can Create Space for our Children to Learn from Natural Consequences

My 6’2″, 200-ish pound husband fell into the dishwasher the other night. {Yeah…it sounded crazy when he first told me, too.} Long story short, he was plating our kiddos’ dinner. One of them opened the dishwasher to put away a dish, then stepped away to ask a question…and…. BAM!!! Plates. Food. Everything flew all over the kitchen as my husband took a step backwards not realizing the dishwasher was open. The kids were in shock! After seeing their father  ...

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Conscious Parenting, Race + Culture

All Hair is Good Hair

"Good hair"...a term used in the black community from the time a child is born through adulthood. It's just one example of the generational PTSD and traumas inflicted upon us because of slavery, white supremacy, and colonialism. The closer your hair is to eurocentric beauty standards, the "better" it is. Curly but not kinky. Smooth and soft, not unruly and rough. Elders can be heard speculating if a child will have good hair or nappy hair. Beauty supply shelves are lined with products for  ...

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You’re Invited! A Virtual Book Club

Hey Fam! We're super excited to announce our very first Virtual Book Club! There's something to be said for gathering with like-minded people to learn and grow, without judgment and the best don't even have to leave the house. pants required!  The only thing you'll need is the book, some time, and a strong motivation to level up your conscious parenting game. We wanted to make sure we started the book club with a book that will give you a foundational knowledge of what  ...

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